Virtual City Tour

An Interactive Collaborative Community Map

What is it?

The application informs citizens and visitors about recreation facilities and general Points of Interest (POIs) in a city. Each POI is presented through 360o panoramas, images and text. The users can also create new POIs or add content in an existing POI. An interactive community map is enhanced with the superposition of points of interest such as: public buildings, monuments, parks etc.

Who is it for?

Through the application local government agencies enable citizens to share and promote the places that make their city unique. Sharing what’s great about the city in an easily accessible and visually compelling way will drive more residents to shop downtown, more visitors to explore the city and will make local businesses happy.

Why choose it?

The application has been developed within the European Project PEOPLE, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Thermi and user groups. It is therefore a truly user-centered digital application, adapted to the needs Municipalities and local communities. Moreover, the source code of the application is available free as open source software.

All places are displayed on a local map

Virtual City Tour Homepage

The POIs (places) are displayed on the city’s map. Each category is presented with a different icon. The users can click on an icon in the map to discover more info.

Filtering of the submitted cases

Users can view only the places that belong to specific categories. They can also sort the places by date of submission and popularity.

An integrated management system

The submitted issues are managed through a web based environment that is based on Joomla content management system

Web-based administration

The administrator manages the entries through a web form which presents all the available information.

Customizable Application

The application is fully customized in terms of user rights, comments, number of categories, centre of the map, etc.

Users can add new places

Users are able to determine the exact location of a new place on the map, while they can also attach relevant photos. Moreover, users are able to upload new photos for an existing place.

User feedback

Users can make comments on existing cases. They can also mark a place as favourite. Citizens' comments allow City Officials to have an overview of the discussions about the city’s recreational facilities.

An open source application

The application has been developed within the European Project PEOPLE. It is distributed for free, under AGPL v3 open source license. Anyone who wishes can download it from the GitHub website or participate in application’s improvement.

Users community

Users play an important role in application's development. You can suggest whatever you think it would improve its functionality, as well as new desirable characteristics or features in the users' forum. Participate

Developers community

The application is based on the active participation of programmers in code writing. If you create applications for "Smart Cities" or programming in Joomla environment you can join in the community of developers. Participate

In general

For any issue related to the use or installation of the application please contact with URENIO Research. Alternatively visit any of the sites in the adjacent columns.

Smart City Services

In the framework of European project "PEOPLE: Pilot smart urban Ecosystems leveraging Open innovation for Promoting and enabLing future E-services" are developed five e-services aiming (1) to strengthen the commercial center of Thermi, (2) to increase the number of visitors and (3) to facilitate access to the region of Thermi, creating thereby a smart commercial and recreational district in the Eastern Thessaloniki.

Pilot Application

The application “Virtual City Tour” is the second service that entered in pilot operation, allowing people that live, work or visit Municipality of Thermi to be informed about recreation facilities and general Points of Interest (POIs). The users can also create new POIs or add content in an existing POI.

See the application running

Technical Requirements

The application is available as a Joomla extension. All you need is a Joomla! installation.